We Are

It all began…

PC Security Inc. began in 2003 as an on-site service mainly for small to medium size businesses.  Since business clients and their staff also have home computers our services have extended to home service as well.  We began helping rescue computers that were inundated with malware, viruses and trojans, as well as the usual hardware and operating system issues. 

We love it when you say, “Everything is working well!”

Over the years we have honed our expertise to the point that on-site service has become very unusual.  Through use of proper hardware and monitoring systems we are able to watch, protect, advise, remote, and generally keep your systems running at the best potential.  Our best phone or email response is when you say, “Everything is working well!”  Then we know we have accomplished what you need and what we set out to do – help you get the most and best out of your computer systems.

Our system and hardware monitoring are what most services never offer.

We choose the best hardware.  We know the best computers and laptops.  We utilize the best anti-virus protection and malware removal.  A data backup that’s easy to use and trustworthy has been vetted by us for you.  We can inform you when a hard drive is imminently failing, sometimes to the day.  Have been able to help rescue computers and failing drives from places like Mexico and the middle East – we are international in scope.